How does Smart Electric technology work? Answer on video…


 What are the advantages? Will they replace combustion engines?

How do electric catamarans work?

Almost 2 years ago now, Fountaine Pajot announced and launched its first model to feature electric production, storage and propulsion technology. This technology, called “Smart Electric, was first deployed aboard the Aura 51, and then more recently on the Astréa 42 and Elba 45. Eventually, by 2026, the entire range of Fountaine Pajot sailing catamarans will be available with this ‘electric pack’ as an option. It’s a revolution in the liveaboard catamaran market, a future that’s already here, with all its advantages…


Nautic Broadcast by Fountaine Pajot

In this Broadcast, we’ll be offering you a complete overview of this technology, its origins, how it works and the day-to-day benefits it brings to cleaner boating and better management of self-sufficiency at sea. Take advantage of a real-time demonstration during test sail out of La Rochelle marina aboard one of these electric boats to understand how this system works and what it can do for you… Answers on video:

Smart Electric technology: how does it work?

Time 19:52

Non-invasive, easy-to-use technology

Our technological innovations have been designed to meet the demands of today’s sailing while preserving the marine environment and offering an optimum user experience, thanks in particular to an ergonomic software interface. At the heart of this solution is electric propulsion, using high-performance motors powered by advanced lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. These batteries offer greater stability than standard lithium-ion batteries, leading to greater safety and longer life, enabling extended range and reliable performance on the water. As well as reducing CO2 and micro-particle emissions, this electric propulsion system offers silent, vibration-free sailing, enhancing the comfort of everyone on board. This is particularly apparent at anchor, when you need to operate some of the various electronic or domestic electrical equipment… and silence reigns.


Simply at one with the sea, in harmony with nature

As well as helping to preserve the environment, these electric catamarans offer lower operating costs thanks to more efficient energy consumption and reduced maintenance requirements. The aim here is to use all the elements at the skipper’s disposal to produce energy for use later in the day, or during the week. These sources of energy include solar panels, which on the Aura 51, for example, have a production capacity of 2,000 watts. The second source of energy – and perhaps the most prolific – comes from the combined resistance of water and wind. Thanks to a hydraulic power generation system, boats equipped with Smart Electric technology are able to recover some of their kinetic energy when under sail, using a reverse flow system at the engine pods.


If necessary, in the absence of wind or sunshine and unable to recharge the batteries from shorepower, or simply in an emergency, a backup generator completes the system for optimum safety.

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