The Tanna 47, a multi-purpose boat that ticks all the boxes?


Transatlantic, coastal cruising, circumnavigating, day trips – a boat designed for them all?

Voted Boat of the Year 2023 by Cruising World magazine in the Best Cruising Catamarans category, this nearly 14m-long model is a boat that truly ticks all the boxes when it comes to recreational boating. Like a “Swiss Army knife”, and made in France, this model offers a range of interior layouts to meet your every need.

A version dedicated to owners

In the “Maestro” version, the Tanna 47 offers 3 double cabins, including an owner’s cabin occupying the entire available surface area of the port hull. Thanks to this layout, the cabin promises absolute comfort and is completely private from the boat’s other living areas, with its own private bathroom, complete with toilet, washbasin and walk-in shower. A closet and dressing table complete the central area. In total, 17.5m² of living space dedicated to the owners, so they can enjoy their boat to the full. This solution is perfect for a couple, with or without children, or simply to welcome guests when cruising with friends or family. A choice of comfort without compromise.


A more versatile version, for families or charter management

The second version of the Tanna 47 features a 5-cabin layout. In this version, called the “Quintet”, the starboard hull remains the same, offering two spacious double cabins with their own en suite bathrooms. Gone, however, is the owner’s cabin on port side. In its place, you’ll find 3 cleverly nested cabins, one of which, in the centre, offers a cabin with bunk beds, making it ideal for children. This version represents the most versatile solution. It’s ideal for buyers who haven’t yet fully decided on their sailing programme and the use they wish to make of their boat. So, whether you’re looking for a charter-management solution, or want to use the boat for private or mixed use, this boat will meet all your needs. This adaptability to any program is the strength of the Tanna 47.


A boat designed to be sailed

In addition to her flexibility of use, the Tanna 47, like the other models in the range, is resolutely a seakindly catamaran. This boat was conceived and designed to sail on all the seas of the world with a high level of comfort, as Vincent LAIGO, Director of the Fountaine Pajot Design Office, explains: “The Tanna 47 is built like all the boats in the Fountaine Pajot range. We use the infusion manufacturing process to produce the hulls, deck and bulkheads. The advantage of this process is the uniformity of the composite, weight management and structural strength. We also manufacture the bulkheads in composite to ensure that the dimensions are adapted to the loads incurred. All main bulkheads are laminated to the hull, to ensure a good bond and avoid any squeaking. […] Other elements, such as the saloon, are glued to the nacelle, to guarantee the overall rigidity of the boat. […] Our boats are built to sail on all the seas of the world, and for Category A navigation. Category ‘A’ means that the boat can be sailed on all oceans and in all conditions.”


A “Nautic Broadcast” where you’ll find out all about this model

Are you planning to buy a cruising catamaran? Would you like to sail around the world or put a boat in charter management? Watch our video webcast to find out all about the Tanna 47, with a complete guided tour, owner testimonials and on-set discussions…

Nautic Broadcast by Fountaine Pajot

The Tanna 47, a multi-purpose boat that ticks all the boxes?

Time 22:24

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