Rallye “des Îles du Soleil”, a friendly and safe transatlantic race?



Pierrick Garenne, Deputy Director / Head of Communication & Press fot the GRAND PAVOIS ORGANISATION, comes back on this new edition of the Rallye des îles du Soleil after the arrival of the crews in Marie Galante. In total, 4 Fountaine Pajot catamarans took part in this beautiful adventure. In this new #webcast, find more information to maybe try the experience next year?

Rallye “des Îles du Soleil”, a friendly and safe transatlantic race?

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What is the Rallye des Îles du Soleil all about?

The Rallye des îles du Soleil (the Sunshine Islands Rally) is a transatlantic passage that sets out from France (either from La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast, or from Port Cogolin in the Mediterranean), with the destination being Marie Galante, just off Guadeloupe, in the islands of the West Indies. The actual Atlantic crossing usually takes around 2 to 3 weeks, with the rally making stopovers in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. It is a yachting rally organised for cruising sailboats with the primary aim of sailing in a fleet across the Atlantic in complete safety. Its friendly nature and spirit of camaraderie make it an unmissable event! Participants come from all different backgrounds, with varying levels of skill and experience. The aim is above all to have fun, to enjoy the most beautiful parts of the Atlantic and to share some good times with other crewmembers.

Why should you try it?

First of all, to live an adventure! The Rallye des Îles du Soleil is an opportunity to experience ocean passage-making, but also to discover incredible coves and beaches isolated in the middle of nature, as well as a great way to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with the essential things. In addition, it’s a great way to meet new people and develop your sailing skills. Seasoned sailors and novices alike can extend their experience and make new friends.

Go for it! The Rallye des îles is a unique and rewarding experience for sailing fans in search of adventure, allowing them to discover new horizons, to meet new people and simply escape!

Each year Fountaine Pajot is delighted to be the partner of the Rallye des îles du Soleil. If you wish to discover the preparation of two Fountaine Pajot participants.

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