Catamaran Astréa 42



Aren’t the happiest moments the ones we share?
This is true at sea with the Astréa 42, whose design promotes moments of shared and emotionally intense life in the company of family, friends or lovers.

By inventing the Astréa 42, Fountaine Pajot Sailing Catamarans reaffirms its ongoing commitment to build and innovate based on its experience. The Astréa 42 builds on the strengths that have made the Saona 47 so successful: its inverted bow stands out as the trademark of the series. This innovative feature sketches out an elegant and dynamic silhouette, while creating stunning volumes inside the boat in spite of a relatively small overall size, with a mere 12.58 metres in length.

What we call togetherness takes place when you strike the right balance between closeness to others and the respect for one’s own privacy. This subtle harmony is the very soul of the cruising catamaran Astréa 42. Between the helm station and the outdoor living or relaxation areas, from the roof to the cockpit, there is the possibility of emotional interactions, through the unrestricted freedom of movement.

The Roof has a double seat at the helm station, near a sunbathing area so you can experience the emotions of sailing in company, with each guest indulging in his personal whim. Go and relax in the large cockpit fitted with a griddle, or enjoy the delights of the sea, thanks to its footbridge built into the design, making it a real Beach Club.

The comfort of its lounge, which opens at 360° onto large windows, is simply stunning with the flows of sunlight permeating all life on board. You will no longer be able to do without the aesthetic refinement of the cabins, not to mention the sizeable Italian bathroom of the Owner’s Suite.

The Astréa 42 exists in a Maestro version, including an owner’s suite and its ensuite bathroom and two double cabins and two ensuite bathrooms, or in its Quatuor version, equipped with 4 double cabins and 4 ensuite bathrooms.

The Astréa 42 is above all a philosophy. Live the sea to the full, all together. A star is born…

Specifications & Outline
Main Features

Length over all41.3 ft - 12,58 m

Beam over all23.6 ft - 7,20 m

Displacement unloaded12.7 T (approx.)

Draft4.1 ft - 1,25 m

Sail area753.4 ft² - 70 m²

Genoa441.3 ft² - 41 m²

Standard Power2 x 30 HP - 2 x 30 CV

Option Power2 x 50 HP - 2 x 50 CV

ArchitectBerret Racoupeau Yacht Design

Interior DesignRacoupeau design

Reservoir capacity

Fresh water2 x 92 US Gallons - 2 x 350 l (approx.)

Fuel124 US Gallons - 470 l (approx.)


Maestro version1 private suite + 1 bathroom / 2 cabins + 2 bathrooms (regarding the option chosen)

Quatuor version2 cabins / 2 bathrooms (regarding the options chosen)

Saloon / Cockpit
Maestro version

3 cabins / 3 bathrooms

Quatuor version

4 cabins / 4 bathrooms

Bathroom options

3 bathroom options for the Maestro version

6 bathroom options for the Quatuor version

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Catamaran Astréa 42

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