Acquire a flagship catamaran, tailor-made solutions: charter management, customization…


How do you buy a flagship? What types of ownership are there? How do I get proper support? Find out all you need to know in this broadcast…

Buying a luxury catamaran over 50 feet in length is an exercise that requires special attention and a certain amount of support. Fountaine Pajot’s ‘Flagship’ range comprises 3 sailing catamaran models and 2 power catamaran models. These include the Samana 59, the Alégria 67 – and its motor counterpart, the Power 67 – as well as the very recent Thíra 80 (which is also available in a motor yacht version under the Power 80 name). What sets these super catamarans apart from other cruising boats is their high level of finish, service, luxury and comfort. All these ‘flagship catamarans’ offer oversized spaces for entertaining, living and relaxing. Among other things, they all have a real flybridge area, that’s both protected and open to the ocean with a 360-degree panoramic view. They are also yachts designed to comfortably accommodate guests and crew, depending on the version, to make the most of long-term cruising or to visit the most beautiful anchorages, even those less accessible…


In this broadcast, we invite you to find out more about our range of flagship catamaran yachts and the services associated with their purchase, from management and charter to customisation. Take advantage of the shared experience of three very experienced speakers on these subjects. Panos Douros, a Fountaine Pajot dealer for more than 10 years, will tell you all you need to know about the options for charter management. Two owners will also be sharing their experience of buying and customising their boats, featuring a Samana 59 with Magnus Lewin, and aboard a Power 67 with Frank Codina.

Nautic Broadcast by Fountaine Pajot

Buying a Flagship catamaran: merely a dream, or an attainable desire?

Time 25:33

The main types of acquisition

There are three main methods of acquisition, whether for a flagship catamaran or any other type of cruising yacht. The first is the purchase of a boat for investment purposes, with your boat managed on a charter basis by yachting and tourism professionals. The second is to buy for 100% private use. This may appear to be the simplest solution and may be suitable for people with busy sailing schedules, such as those planning a circumnavigation, for example. The third type of acquisition is a mixture of the first two: this is the purchase of a boat for combined use split between charter management and private use. This solution offers many advantages, both in terms of financing and year-round maintenance of the boat. Panos Douros tells us all about it in this Nautic Broadcast, and shares his experience as a professional in the sector…

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