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Review of Fountaine Pajot owners rendezvous in Carribean islands


The third Fountaine Pajot Owners Rendezvous was staged in the beautiful Caribbean islands from 20-24 November 2013.

A total of 18 catamarans and more than 150 participants joined in the fun cruising the sparkling waterways on their boats, which represented almost the full collection of the shipyard’s past and present range; the very latest models including the Mahé 36 Evolution, Lipari 41, Hélia 44, Sanya 57 and the magnificent Victoria 67 were joined by other earlier models such as Athena 38, Venezia 42, Belize 43, Casamance 44, Orana 44 and Salina 48.

Entrants came from all over the world to experience this special event, including the United States, France, Caribbean, England, Canada, and Russia.

Program of the meeting

Read the program of the event wich took place from 20 to 24 november 2013, clic on the link below.

Nicolas Maslach presented the actions and goals of the St. Martin Nature Reserve and this was an opportunity to raise a greater awareness of the marine environment among the crews, as well as to discuss the “Eco cruising”, a concept developed by the boatyard, which was recompensed by the Tradewinds award.

The St. Martin Nature Reserve is a 30 km2 (10 sq. miles) Marine Protected Area located northeast of the Island of St. Martin.

Created in 1998, this space protects the island’s five main ecosystems: coral reefs, mangroves, phanerogam seagrass beds, and coastal lakes and dry forests.  The Reserve also manages the 14 lakes of the Conservatoire du littoral (Coastal Protection Agency) and their 11 km (7 miles) of natural shorelines.

Relive the event

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