Owners event

Fountaine Pajot owners rendez-vous 2016


Owner rendez-vous in the Mediterranean!

For its 40th anniversary, Fountaine Pajot met up with owners of Sailing Catamarans and Motor Yachts to mark this special occasion. This exceptional event took place from May 19 to 22, 2016, on the islands of Porquerolles and Porc Cros in the Mediterranean.

In all, 30 catamarans joined them in response to this invitation. Among them were 20 sailing catamarans, including some of the shipyard’s historical models, such as the Marquises 56 and the Belize 43, but also more recent models such as the Hélia 44, the Lipari 41, Hélia 44 Evolution and, of course, the Lucia 40, the most recent member of the Sailing Catamaran line.

As for the Motor Yachts, more than ten were present at the event. Models such as the Maryland 37, the Summerland 40, the Cumberland MY 47 and the new MY37, joined the Motor Yacht fleet for this 2016 rendezvous.

The 145 owners and their crews enjoyed magnificent anchorages in the limpid sea off the islands of Porquerolles and Port Cros.


Porquerolles 2016 film

Fountaine Pajot Owners Rendez vous Porquerolles 2016

5:35 min

A memorable first day at sea off Porquerolles!

The sailing catamaran owners had everything they could wish for in this first of two days of sailing, in collaboration with Multicoques Magazine. With an average wind speed of 12 knots and wonderful sunshine all day long, the conditions were ideal for the 20 cruising catamarans.

11.30 am: The start for the crews after a photo of all the participants on Notre Dame beach. They set off for the island of Grand Ribaud, which they rounded on the port side, then headed in the direction of Argent beach for the finishing line.

2–3.30 pm: Crew finish at Argent beach, where they lunched at anchor in splendid surroundings. The whole fleet was photographed.


Destination Port Cros for the second day!

On the second day of sailing, with less wind, the owners admired the magnificent landscapes of the îles d’Or. With a course set for Port Cros, it was an opportunity for the crews to discover the Cap des Mèdes. Formerly used by the Navy for shelling practice, these well-known rocks, boasting Mythological scenery, offer a stunning view.

12.30 pm: Arrival on the protected island of Port Cros for lunch at anchor in the limpid waters of this nature reserve, or for some at the “Le Manoir” Hotel-Restaurant.

2.30 pm: Start of the second and last leg of the cruising to Porquerolles.

This day was also punctuated by a photo competition of the best sea photo, organized by Ports Toulon Provence, as well as the best photo under sail, organized by Multicoques Mag.

4.30 pm: Aerial photo of all of the Fountaine Pajot Motor Yacht and Sailing Catamaran fleets.


Looking back at the evenings

An evening full of surprises at the Mas du Langoustier and then the Domaine de l’île

The first day came to a close with a winetasting at the Domaine de l’île, at Le Mas du Langoustier Hotel-Restaurant, where the guests learned about citrus fruit and enjoyed verrines prepared by Julien Le Goff, a Michelin-starred chef as its high point. Then the rest of the evening took place at the heart of the same Domaine’s vineyard.

Our owners enjoyed a Mechoui (whole sheep cooked on a barbecue) in authentic surroundings, accompanied by the wonderful wine of the island’s Domaine, cooked by Sami Aburabi, the manager of the vineyard and cellar master, in the company of his entire team.

This evening was also an opportunity to hand out awards to the owners of the Fountaine Pajot Sailing Catamarans and Motor Yachts, with a prize-giving.


Prize-giving on the last day, place d’Armes, and final evening at the Alycastre Restaurant

The last evening of the owners’ weekend took place under the shipyard’s 40th anniversary symbol. It began with an Ayala Champagne reception for all the crews on Place d’Armes in Porquerolles.

To this can be added a few Ayala Champagne magnums, one of the event’s major partners, and for all the teams, a Serge Ferrari bag.

Then, after a moving speech by Claire Fountaine, President of the Board of Directors and Nicolas Gardies, chief executive officer, the evening continued at the Alycastre Restaurant.

We are very grateful to all of our partners in this event !