My Boat and I

Ep.1 | A first Atlantic crossing under sail with a Lucia 40


Welcome to the first video in the #MyBoatAndI series, which follows the adventures of the Fountaine Pajot catamaran @SailingCoco and her crew. You can watch the video of the stages of their round-the-world catamaran trip and follow their YouTube channel HERE.


Winners of the 2021 photo contest, the young owners of “Coco” invite us aboard their Lucia 40 catamaran for an Atlantic crossing under sail.

We begin at the start of the famous ARC Atlantic Rally for Cruisers in Las Palmas on the Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean. Ceylan and Alfie plan a stop in Cape Verde, then sail to Grenada, their final destination with the ARC+ Rally.

Their footage perfectly reflects the shared pleasure of sailing and fishing. Ceylan holds the record for catching the biggest fish in the rally: “It was so powerful that we had to her help reel it in!”

It took the crew several days of sailing to cross the Atlantic from The Canary Islands to the finish of the rally in the Caribbean. A passage full of wonderful memories and surprises… On arrival, the crew were to receive a special prize from the ARC Rally organisation for coming to the aid of another yacht that had been dismasted (not a boat that was part of the rally). Three days had passed before the Sailing Coco crew encountered the disabled vessel. When they saw it, Ceylan and Alfie approached and immediately rigged a tow. “Getting the solo sailor to safety” was all they could think about, despite the 40 knots of wind.

A first Atlantic crossing under sail / MyBoatAndI – Sailing Coco #1

3:13 min

A look back at the start of the “Coco” story

After 7 years of boat refurbishment and numerous trips aboard their 33-foot Colvic Countess monohull around the Mediterranean, Alfie and Ceylan took the plunge and decided on the purchase of a catamaran. They chose to leave their home port of London on their new Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 catamaran, and after a few trips sailing along the English coast, they set out, bound for the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, beginning with an Atlantic crossing as part of the ARC organisation.