The Astréa 42 smart electric, a new model completes the range

22 September 2023


Committing to a sustainable boating industry

The energetic transition and the protection of our environment are both major concerns in the marine industry nowadays, and are also central considerations for pleasure boat owners. This also reflects the fact that legislation is moving ever more rapidly in this direction, and will affect the choices made by manufacturers in the coming decades. In 2022, with the launch of the Aura 51 Smart Electric® – one of the initiators of decarbonisation in the yachting industry – the Fountaine Pajot group announced its ambition to promote this type of technology for sailing while respecting the environment.

With this aim, Fountaine Pajot continued along the same path, unveiling the Astréa 42 Smart Electric®, which will be presented for the very first time at the 2023 Grand Pavois boat show. Fountaine Pajot wants to extend the Smart Electric® solution to the entire Sailing Catamarans range, which represents a crucial step in its objective of offering a 100% electric fleet by 2030 and accompanying each owner towards eco-sailing.

Take a quick video tour of this innovative catamaran to see the key features that differentiate a traditional catamaran from one equipped with the Smart Electric solution:


The Smart Electric solution extends to the range 

Fountaine Pajot group intends to extend this solution to the entire Sailing Catamarans range by 2024. The Astréa 42 and Elba 45 will be the first two models to benefit from this innovative system, after the Aura 51 in 2022. Fountaine Pajot wants to continue to develop its corporate vision thanks to this technology and this new way of approaching the yachting industry. Smart Electric technology is non-invasive and allows owners to use the natural elements to generate their own energy on board.

All the catamarans continue to benefit from the support of a thermal generator, should the need arise, when there is a lack of sun or wind, for example. The electric catamarans offered by Fountaine Pajot provide owners with a more responsible alternative that respects the oceans while guaranteeing optimum performance. Thanks to research and innovation, electric power will make it possible to considerably limit our impact on the environment, and is now responding to a growing demand from owners for boats desgined to preserve the oceans.


A World Premiere at the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle

The Astréa 42 Smart Electric® will be presented for the first time at the 2023 Grand Pavois boat show in La Rochelle, and will only be accessible for private visits. A stand will be dedicated to eco-environmental questions and will highlight all the solutions and commitments involving Fountaine Pajot. It’s the perfect location, between land and sea, in the heart of the largest  aflot boat show on the Atlantic coast, to unveil this cruising catamaran combining eco-navigation and performance.


Fountaine Pajot’s commitment is not limited

to mobility options

The shipyard is deversifying its strategy, focusing on 4 axes :

1- The first involves the propulsion system, targeting a 100% replacement of conventional internal combustion engines by electric engines by 2030.

2- The second focus is on on-board devices, with the use of extensive solar panels.

3- The third focus is on autonomy in terms of on-board freshwater production, using on-board watermakers coupled with a lowcarbon electrical system.

4- The fourth area is focused on the eco-design of the boats. To achieve this, Fountaine Pajot is working in depth on the recyclability of the composite materials that make up most of the structural parts of its catamarans.

> Fountaine Pajot is also committed to the protection of marine ecosystems, and more specifically the safeguarding of posidonia through its involvment with WWF France.


By investing fully in these innovative technologies,  Fountaine Pajot seek to considerably limit its impact on the environment, preserve the seabed and managing the life cycle of the boats, while meeting the essential needs of boat owners. The firm’s objective for the coming years is to become the pioneer of environmental transition in the marine industry, in direct line with its Odysséa 2024 strategic plan.