Making their dream come true, Alexis, Olivia and their children, Hugo and Iris, aged 11 and 8, had the courage to leave everything behind them and set off on a round-the-world, to settle on the other side. A dream come true on board a Hélia 44 !

A year ago, they made up their minds and left. Everything went very quickly. They had to choose a boat, so they made their first appointments at the Nautic boat show in Paris, and then in La Rochelle, when they chose to sail on a Fountaine Pajot catamaran. This was a Hélia 44, the most beautiful and appealing boat with a contemporary interior. new to sailing, they also had to learn how to control the boat and to become familiar with it.

The first practical experiences in the rough seas of the bay of biscay gave them confidence. 3,000 nautical miles later, after touring the Mediterranean, they were ready. In December or January, they will pass through the Gibraltar strait heading for the Caribbean, Panama, the Pacific Ocean and then New Zealand, towards end 2016. Miles and miles on the wind, wonderful anchorages and tacks interspersed with CNED lessons for the children and the beauty of marine skies.

Then, a new life, and a new country. Alexis, Olivia, Hugo, Iris, your courage and  determination have laid open the world. We are happy to share in your pleasure and adventure !