The catamaran Tanna 47 wins the 2023 Boat of the Year !

12 December 2022


In October, Fountaine Pajot interviewed the Cruising World Jury on board the Tanna 47 at the Annapolis SailboatShow. At this moment, the jury was testing the Boat on Dock, and then during a sea trial…  The winners of the well renowed and expected “Boat of The Year” Awards decerded by the Cruising World Magazine has just been unveiled! The brand-new Tanna 47 catamaran was running for the most pretigious recognition in the multihulls category. Fountaine Pajot is very proud to announce that the Tanna 47 brilliantly passed her exam…

“The trend toward cruising multihulls continues unabated, and perhaps has even come full circle. The popularity of boats with more than one hull, especially catamarans, is more evident with each passing year in charter fleets, on boat-show docks, and in far-flung anchorages the world over. The multihull genie is out of the bottle, and there’s no evidence it will ever return. That reality was once again underlined in the 2023 Boat of the Year trials, where the Cruising Multihull class, with five legitimate contenders, was certainly among the strongest categories’.”

The Cruising World Magazine highlights the dominance of the french Shipyards in this competition and particulrly the leading brand Fountaine Pajot, as mentionned in their Winner’s release: “It’s fitting that one of those pioneering firms topped the field for 2023: Well done, Fountaine Pajot!”.


Why the sailing catamaran Tanna 47 is the “Best catamaran of the Year 2023” ?

It seems that both the dockside inspections and under sail, the Fountaine Pajot Tanna 47 rang a bell for our panelists… “I believe this is my favorite Fountaine Pajot model of all time,” judge Herb McCormick says. “The size and dimensions are ideal: It’s a big cat but not overwhelming. A big reason is the helm station, with dedicated pods for driving, and the sailhandling. And, holy cow, it really sailed well.”

Judge Mark Pillsbury also appreciates on the Tanna 47 catamaran:

  • The smart deck layout
  • The corresponding systems: “With plenty of solar panels, a watermaker and more-than-ample refrigeration space, the Tanna 47 was set up really well for cruising and living aboard.”
  • The ease of handling: “On a beam reach in 13 knots of breeze, we scooted along at 7 to 8 knots, and I liked the setup of the helm, with the wheel being separated slightly from the winches. The boat was easy to sail solo, but there was room for the crew to jump in and help when they wanted to.”