The joys of sailing flourish in the personal and intimate relationship that each of us has with the sea. As with any passion, there is always a unique emotional experience where we reveal ourselves both to ourselves, and our loved ones. We have created a varied range of sailing catamarans so as to satisfy all the different ways of being passionate about sailing. Every year, we update our range by weaving the latest trends into the very fabric of all our models. Our efforts and the love of sailing that we share with you have been instrumental in the success of our catamarans around the world.


The way we design of our cruising catamarans is based on our conviction that the ultimate experience of boating combines sensations with emotions. That is why, at Fountaine Pajot, we never separate the focus on performance from our aesthetic approach. By relying on the talent of renowned designers we have been able, for the past 40 years, to reinvent the balance between French refinement and audacious technical achievements. The unique design and the refined line of our hulls guarantee performance, while adding a combination of comfort, stability, agility, sensations and elegance on the water….


The emotion of sailing is experienced in the deepest part of your being. It is an intimate journey that the mind undertakes as soon as it is comfortable and finds a space for its fulfilment. Our catamarans thus offer comfortable, spacious living areas that are characteristically luminous.

Emotions are personal but intensify when they are shared. This is why we design our sailing boats to combine private and social spaces seamlessly. The interior opens onto the exterior to allow fo indoor/outdoor living; thanks to panoramic views in the saloon, skylights and portholes, seamless saloon/cockpit space and open galleys. The outside stimulates the urge for inner exploration with its areas devoted to relaxation, sunbathing and the lounge deck areas on the roof of some of the larger boats.


At Fountaine Pajot, passion guides the creative process, from the first stroke of pencil to the delivery of one of our models. This passion for our profession has made quality not only a requirement, but a true dedication. Our architects, designers and craftsmen are driven by the desire to bring materials to life through innovative construction techniques. State-of-the-art technology such as RTM injection, which aims at enhancing the quality of the composite-based material, also illustrates this constant quest for innovation and technological mastery.

This desire for excellence has been recognized by the ISO 9001 V2000 certification for all our catamarans manufacturing and finishing processes. Our dealers throughout the world are also rigorously selected for their dedication with a guarantee that your boat will be supported for the rest of its life.


At Fountaine Pajot, the sea is above all a love story. We are therefore naturally committed to an environmentally responsible approach by creating eco-responsible boats. The performance of our catamarans under sail means you can count on a reliable and economical trip. With the “Eco Cruising” and “Smart Cruising” concepts, we have chosen to integrate renewable energy sources (solar panels, AGM battery, low consumption fresh-water maker, visual control of consumption, etc.) on all our sailing catamarans to optimize their performance while reducing their ecological footprint.

And isn’t it only natural that the wind should remain the most enchanting of all sources of energy?


Our catamarans are a real source of relaxation due to the vast space they offer. Their stable multihull structure adds to their comfort the guarantee of absolute safety. Our boats benefit from technical specifications that take their reliability to the highest level: sacrificial keels, crash box, boom height, protected windlass. And the seamless transition from the inside to the outside of our boats makes maneuvering easier and more enjoyable.


Our teams are constantly working to enrich our range, always taking what made the success of previous models one step further. Coachroof, level circulation, skylight, inverted bows, feed the innovation by Fountaine Pajot. This pioneering spirit has given our boats on the world cruising catamaran market a distinctive edge: looking forward, our future is secure in the hands of a new generation of yachtsmen who are equally passionate about sailing, and who share the same enthusiasm and dedication to sailing and performance.