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The Saba 50 was born in a spectacular move, winning the Best Boat of the Year award as soon as it was released; just like many of the models in our range. Since then, it has never ceased to impress and inspire sea enthusiasts who find it an incomparable emotional experience.

The Saba 50 delivers its exceptional living and relaxation spaces with mastery in order to reconcile comfort on board and cruise performance. The Saba 50, with its 6 cabins and Maestro suite, meets your most unreasonable expectations in terms of comfort!

To make the most of it, to share lasting moments, to explore the world in the most exquisite way,

the Saba 50 was conceived to enhance all the experiences that a cruise can offer.

Voted “Best Boat of the Year” as soon as it was launched, this cruise catamaran was bound to impress with the many assets it has to offer. Exceptional relaxation areas with a Lounge Deck designed to maintain high-performance while offering optimal cruising comfort. Onboard movements are facilitated by a direct opening of the cockpit onto the helm station and lounge deck.

At the front, let yourself be won over by the pleasures of sunbathing in a sheltered and cosy area, designed to be the perfect place to let go, whether at anchor or while sailing.

Specifications & Outline
Main Features

Length over all49.1 ft - 14,98 m

Beam over all26.2 ft - 7,99 m

Displacement unloaded15.5 T (approx.)

Draft4.1 ft - 1,25 m

Sail area904.1 ft² - 84 m²

Genoa area613.5 ft² - 57 m²

Standard PowerVOLVO 2 x 60 HP - 2 x 60 CV

Option PowerVOLVO 2 x 75 HP - 2 x 75 CV

ArchitectBerret Racoupeau

Maestro arrangement1 owner’s suite + 1 bathroom / 3 doubles cabins + 1 or 3 bathrooms

6 cabins arrangement5 double cabins + 1 skipper cabin + 6 bathrooms

Maestro crew arrangement1 owner’s suite + 1 bathroom / 4 doubles cabins + 4 bathrooms

Quintet VIP arrangement5 double cabins + 5 bathrooms

Reservoir capacity

Fresh water2 x 92 US Gallons - 2 x 350 l (approx.)

Fuel2 x 124 US Gallons - 2 x 470 l (approx.)

Salon / Cockpit
Maestro arrangement

4 cabins / 4 bathrooms

Maestro Crew arrangement

1 owner suite + 1 bathroom + 4 cabins + 4 bathrooms

6 cabins arrangement

6 cabins / 6 bathrooms

Quintet VIP arrangement

5 cabines + 5 bathrooms

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Catamaran Saba 50

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