Darrell Williamson, one of our owners, decided to sail Dasha Way for the first time by taking delivery of it at La Rochelle and delivering himself to Port Hacking, his port of register in Australia. A skillfully handled 14-month and 20,000-mile long adventure that was full of surprises.

All my life, I’ve dreamed of sailing across the Earth’s two biggest oceans with old friends or crew members I’e met up with, for the pleasure of the adventure, and I must say that I am not disappointed.

During the first few days of sailing, Darrell had to face the sudden wind changes off the tip of Finistère and the wild and tiring sea, while watching out for the dozens of nearby cargo ships and fi shing boats he could see on his AIs system.  He also remembers anchoring in Tarifa in the south of Spain and the dozens of kitesurfers surrounding his catamaran. The Atlantic crossing was chilly, but peaceful, except for a violent thunderstorm and really tough conditions experienced along the coast of columbia on the way to Panama.

In the Pacific, his best memory remains the single-handed four-day delivery between the Marquesas Islands and the Tuamotu Islands, due to an unexpected change of crew. He also recollects the complicated last bit of his trip along the Australian coast, since he found himself in the path of many cargo vessels. He radioed their captains, who kindly diverted course to give him room to manoeuver.

Through these experiences, Darrell has become completely confident in his Lipari 41 :

It never let me down, under sail or power, and I was able to face up to all these situations in complete confidence. To get the best from her, you have to be careful to set the right sail plan at the right time. On a sailboat, this is the least you could expect, but it’s very important. I would also like to say that the boat is extremely comfortable and the galley is very functional, which is particularly appreciable in difficult weather conditions.