Catamaran Helia 44 Evolution A new cruising catamaran, the evolution of a model to impress


The new cruising catamaran Hélia 44 Evolution invites you to cruise in harmony with the beauty of your surrounds. Designed for maximum living space and boasting beautiful natural light throughout its interior, this elegant and luxuriously appointed catamaran also delivers a dynamic performance at sea.

Immerse yourself in the panoramic 360° views made possible by the expansive saloon windows and integrated mast foot,

marvel at the responsive handling in the spacious helmstation, or surrender your cares as you relax in the supremely cockpit or indulgent lounge deck.

This cruising catamaran now has new features including an extra cockpit bench seat, additional davits, and a luxurious Italian-style bathroom with separate toilet in the majestic Owner’s suite.

Worthy of our prestigious Flagship status, the Hélia 44 Evolution represents an entirely new level in cruising lifestyles.

Specifications & Outline
Main Features

Length over all13,30 m / 43.5 ft

Beam over all7,40 m / 24.3 ft

Displacement unloaded10,8 T

Draft1,15 m / 3.8 ft

Genoa area45 m² / 484.4 ft²

Sail area70 m² / 753.5 ft²

Standard PowerVOLVO 2 x 40 CV / 2 x 40 HP

Option PowerVOLVO 2 x 55 CV / 2 x 55 HP

ArchitectBerret Racoupeau

Maestro version1 owner’s suite + 1 bathroom / 2 doubles cabins + 2 bathrooms

Quatuor version4 double cabins + 2 or 2 bathrooms

Reservoir capacity

Fresh Water700 l (approx.) / 185 US gallons (approx.)

Fuel470 l (approx.) / 124 US gallons (approx.)

Maestro version

3 cabins / 3 bathrooms

Quatuor version

4 cabins / 4 bathrooms

Salon / Cockpit
Main Deck
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Catamaran Helia 44 Evolution

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